January 3, 2012

Publishing and Hypocrisy and the New Year

Okay, New Year, New Intentions, New Students, and many continuing ones (intentions and students!)
I haven't been doing my own writing, just teaching others, so hypocrisy reigns loudly in this household right now.

In this morning's Business Breakfast at church, we asked ourselves about the purpose for our business, and I came up with:

I provide tools for all ages to be more empowered readers and writers.

If only the word, "empower" wasn't so overused, I could adopt it as my elevator speech. Now, for my vision, what I really want to do (oops I read on a Writer's Blog today that we must drop the word, "really") is to spread literacy tools around the world, and do webinars for orphans in Sudan, start schools in Mayanmar, put books in the hands of Palestinian children, plus teach women in Iraq how to write grants for starting small businesses.

Any takers? I always say that is what I would do if I won the Lottery, but where to start? With a translator and a really (OOPS!) great Smart Phone? A long list of Bill Gates' 3rd World Connections? A 3-Cup Tea Date with Greg Mortenson? Oh, the Places You Could GO!

So back to the subject of writing and how to make more residual income and wake up in the morning to find that my packets, my presentations, my books, or my materials, have sold online and I can send that money to charity AND retirement.

Clients tell me that I need to publish the games I create.

Recipients (50 of them) of my annual holiday letter - laced with sardonic commentary more than updates and milestones - tell me I need to write a novel.

Teacher friends keep asking when my book with the same name as my business is coming out: "Reading - Writing - Thinking".

And Therapists/Specialists in my field tell me I need to write a new book on ADHD. Whew.